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What’s the Difference Between Inside Delivery and White Glove Service?

Ordering items online is the go-to shopping method for most people today. It’s convenient to be able to order items from anywhere without the need for a traditional shopping trip. Anything you order needs to be delivered, of course. Items are commonly damaged during the shipping and delivery process. A lot of new items are damaged as a result of human error during the unpacking and installation process too. Let’s discuss some of the differences between inside delivery and white-glove service to determine what’s right for your next online purchase! 

Inside Delivery 

Inside delivery is the traditional delivery method we’re all familiar with. items are dropped off at your front door and the delivery person goes onto the next delivery. Often times inside delivery doesn’t even require a signature for the package to be left. This leaves you at risk for packages being stolen if you’re not home at the time of delivery. Even if nothing is stolen, you’re out of luck if you open the package to find an item damaged or missing. Inside-delivery makes it a lot more complicated to refund or receive a replacement item if the first delivery doesn’t go smoothly. 

There is a time and place for inside delivery though! Inside delivery is a great option for deliveries that aren’t fragile, valuable, or complicated to install. Inside-delivery can be safer with the addition of a doorbell camera that can capture potential thieves or poor delivery methods. 

White Glove Service 

White glove service is a type of delivery service that’s truly luxurious. If you’re receiving a delivery that’s worth a lot of money or requires a lot of extra steps, such as assembly and installation, white-glove service makes for a stress-free process. White glove service is a type of delivery that better protects your delivery. Items are handled with more care and fewer items are delivered each day. The delivery driver won’t just drop the package at your door either. Instead, they can carry it to the exact spot you want it to go inside the home. They can even assist in unpacking, assembling, and installing the delivered item. 

White glove service providers are highly trained to provide each customer with a luxury delivery experience. Items are typically packed using higher quality, more expensive materials too. It’s no surprise that white-glove service comes at a higher cost than inside delivery services. Customers can decide to pay for white-glove service themselves, or companies can offer white-glove service for high-priced items. 

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