Message From the President

Welcome to Xpressman!

I founded Xpressman Trucking and Courier 25 years ago with a pager from an electronics store and some pay phones along the road (remember those!). I built my business on my own and have always prided myself on my ability to work hard and never take “no we can’t” as an answer. The same is true today. In the past quarter-century, many things have changed in this business. Technology is evolving every day. Vehicles have become more efficient. Volume has increased.
But, one thing has remained the same; quality. As a leader in transportation and courier services, we understand that you are trusting us to handle your shipments, your documents and everything in between.

  • Quality means that each package that touches our hands is treated with care and attention to detail.
  • Quality means that your items are delivered on time.
  • Quality means that when we say we will do something we do it

When we work with our customers they are part of the Xpressman team. From our warehouse workers to our drivers to those who work in the front office, we work together to keep our customers satisfied and we always go the extra mile.

Our tagline is “the delivery is the difference.” It isn’t just a phrase it is our promise to all of our customers. We are different because we are the best at what we do and we deliver quality and service every time.

As the owner of this company, I am always open to hearing feedback, concerns or ways we can improve our systems to pass on efficiency to our customers. I hope to hear from you!

Thanks again for choosing Xpressman!

Michelle Cully – President and CEO
Xpressman Trucking and Courier Inc.

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