Scheduled & Routed Delivery

Scheduled and routed deliveries are useful when you have time sensitive orders requiring a scheduled time for pickup and delivery for the ultimate convenience. Whether you need it for a couple of days in a week or multiple pickups and deliveries daily, we can customize the solution that can address your specific delivery challenge.

  • Routed deliveries
  • Multi-stop delivery service
  • Residential delivery-drop off or with appointment
  • Post Office retrievals
  • Bank runs
  • Inter-office mail runs
  • Weekly or daily deliveries
  • Supply replenishment
  • Custom distribution
  • Pharmaceutical deliveries
  • Automotive deliveries

We offer daily, weekly or monthly pickup and delivery service to anywhere in the US. Our services are very cost-effective and highly dependable. Some of the key highlights are:

  • Packages and items delivered on a recurring basis
  • Setup in advance
  • Customized schedule and route to address your specific needs
  • Helps reduce customer’s liability
  • High quality
  • Low overall cost
  • Vast distribution network
  • Simple ordering process
  • GPS tracking available
  • Complete chain of custody
  • Complete proof of delivery
  • Team of industry experts
  • Any size, shape, weight delivery
  • Highly reliable and dependable program
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