Asset Recovery

We know the ins and outs of running a business and know that at a certain time, you may need to consider the value of all your inventory to save. Xpressman understands the hassle of asset recovery and how stressful it can be on a business. This is why we offer our quality asset recovery services to all businesses in Boston and in the South Shore of Massachusetts. With years of experience assisting businesses, our team knows how to properly handle each type of inventory and asses them for a proper evaluation.

Asset Recovery for Liquidation

If your business is going through liquidation then you are probably looking to get the maximum value of unused items or end-of-life assets through effective reuse. In addition, your company could also be liquidating excess inventory, refurbished items, and equipment returned at the end of a lease. This will help you get a better understanding of how often things are used and generate the value of each item if you plan on getting rid of equipment.

Asset recovery is a great way to understand the value of all your office’s belongings so that you can get the most bang for your buck. One thing Xpressman thrives in is redeployment of company equipment. By simply relocating certain equipment to different departments of your business you can get a lot more return on investment than previously used. Once we go through all the steps and if your belongings can go through redeployment we will then go to the next step of disposition and sell your no longer needed office furniture or equipment.

No matter what route you do choose to take with your items, you will know the best value for them with our recovery services. If you would like to have them removed our experienced drivers will carefully take them off the premises and sell them or dispose of them properly. Contact Xpressman for more information on our asset recovery services.

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