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3 Benefits of White Glove Delivery

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If you have high-valued items, furniture, or delicate items to be transported and delivered then you have probably heard of the term white glove delivery. When it comes to courier services, white glove delivery trumps all other services as it is truly an all in one service. White glove delivery includes the delivery of a product to a specified room in a home or business. In addition to delivery, the courier providing white-glove then provides unpacking and installation of the products being delivered. Once properly installed, the courier will then check the item to ensure there is no damage and that everything is in working order. By offering white glove delivery, you can beat out your competition by providing a service that consumers are looking for with delivery providers. Below are three benefits you can see by having white glove delivery as a courier.

Improve Customer Service 

 With the delivery industry increasing yearly with consumers looking for next-day options, offering something like white glove delivery will give customers an extra incentive to choose your company over others. This is especially important since new delivery companies are appearing left and right. By knowing that items people order will be delivered to their doorstep then unpacked and assembled will leave customers with a wonderful experience that they will brag about. This, in turn, increases your brand’s awareness and reputation.

Reduce Damage

A common occurrence is that items that are delivered and left for the consumer to handle typically get damaged. With white glove delivery, you will have peace of mind knowing that the package you ordered is handled by someone certified to properly handle it. In addition to making sure it reaches its destination safely, couriers will then unpack and install your package for you to preserve the condition of the item and keep it safe from any damage. By doing this, you will keep the costs down for your business as you will have fewer returns or refunds.

Environmental Benefits

When you have white glove delivery, you can schedule the deliveries to happen at specific times to prevent missed deliveries. By having this scheduled delivery, you can route your trip in a more economical way. Since white glove includes unpacking and installation, you can ensure that the packaging is properly processed and disposed of in the proper receptacles. When customers handle unpacking, the materials are more likely to end up in a landfill rather than proper disposal destinations.

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