Legal Delivery

Some of the region’s most prestigious law firms and corporations have trusted Xpressman as their same-day delivery partner. Our trained and experienced staff have earned the trust of lawyers and professionals within the legal community. Over the years, Xpressman has helped countless law firms across the south shore of Massachusetts with their legal deliveries. Xpressman Trucking and Courier, Inc. is a leading same-day delivery firm that offers a wide range of services to meet the legal community’s demands. We have been crucial in providing secure and confidential services to our customers by working with some of the country’s major law firms and businesses. Our legal document management services will guarantee that your legal paperwork is handled to your exact requirements. We provide rush court filings, exhibit setup service, documents transportation to clients and law firms, mail pickups and deliveries, scanning, routed, and scheduled deliveries between offices. Clients receive receipts and date-stamped copies. Some of the key highlights of this program are:

Court Filings, Legal Documents & Motion Filing

All of your legal papers and motion filings with the court will be delivered by Xpressman. Legal couriers are not your typical courthouse delivery men. They have received training and are expected to comprehend the components of court procedure. As a result, our same-day and hurry legal filing service may be as quick as the next day. We can assist you with your legal filings, including paying court costs. Our couriers are responsible for anticipating and resolving any issues that may come up while preparing your court filing, such as payment of fees. Each legal courier is also familiar with public and private sector clerks, court supervisors, and employees. We handle complaints, summonses, answers, petitions, and more!

Mail pickups and Delivery

Xpressman provides us with a cost-efficient program that allows our firm to process all of our mail and courier service needs in-house. The mailroom staff never has to worry about the department being behind because Xpressman completes their work as expected. This is an added benefit since we can now dedicate those resources to other projects for our

Document delivery to clients and opposing law firms

We offer on-demand document delivery services to clients and other law firms as needed. This is a great way to get your documents delivered quickly and efficiently.

Records Management

Need assistance managing and maintaining your records? Xpressman offers a complete records management solution that can include off-site storage facilities, electronic archiving, and much more. We are able to meet all your paper document requirements under one roof.

Legal Document Scanning Services

Need assistance with data entry? Xpressman has an integrated document imaging system that allows us to easily capture, store, and track all of your legal data!

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