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5 Signs That You Need A New Medical Delivery Service

As mentioned in our earlier blog, the thought of instant gratification is becoming more of a norm in the delivery and courier industry. It has even made its way into the medical delivery industry as patients want to get the medicine they need at a moments notice. Sometimes, the situation causes for quick delivery but in a general sense the quicker the delivery the more satisfied the patient. Healthcare businesses benefit a lot when teaming up with a courier service as their medicine will reach their intended patients in a timely manner.

However, not all courier services are the same and after a while, you may need to consider hiring a new partner to meet your delivery needs. It is important to make sure the courier you are looking at has the quality service you are looking for. This is why you should make sure you pick the right courier for you and your needs. Below are five reasons your current medical courier service may not be the right fit for you anymore.

Lack of Established Industry Experience

Working with a medical firm and handling patients’ medicine requires a handler with experience in these kinds of deliveries. These deliveries can factor in large delivery vehicles, special packaging, and temperature-controlled packaging. With this in mind, the courier you are looking at should have drivers that are experienced in handling medical supplies, prescription drugs etc. with care. If a courier doesn’t seem to have this experience then you may need to look elsewhere.

Poor Customer Service

With any business, customer service is key in retaining and gaining new customers and leads. This goes especially for the medical industry as patients want their medication as soon as they can to help with their treatment. It’s critical for couriers to ensure that you know the status of your deliveries at all times. When looking for a courier, make sure they have some sort of technology in place that provides these services.That way if any issues arise, drivers can notify the business and patient as soon as possible. It is also important to make sure they have a track record of delivering items on time and have good reviews regarding customer service.

Nonoptimal Vehicle Conditions

When it comes to ensuring medications and other healthcare deliveries stay in the same condition as they left the medical firm, there needs to be special vehicle conditions. Most of the time delivery vehicles need to be climate-controlled as well as having your firm’s logo on it for peace of mind for your patients. If your courier service does not have this then you may need to find a better-suited courier.

Unscreened Drivers 

To help promote your brand with your deliveries and show professionalism with deliveries, make sure your courier service has uniformed, and background-checked drivers. Handling medical deliveries is a serious task and patients want to know their medication is in good hands by professionals. All drivers should be background checked and have uniforms when handling medical supplies.

Non-HIPAA-Compliant Drivers

With medical deliveries, there are extra credentials couriers and drivers should have when looking at different delivery firms. Be sure that the drivers are HIPAA-compliant so you know they follow industry standards, as it adds a layer of security not only for your business but for your patients.

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