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Difference Between Inside Delivery & White Glove Delivery

Great shipping service is desirable when delivering any product, but it’s crucial when selling and handling expensive items, products that are challenging to install, or both. The delivery process is an important stage when shipping since this is when damage is more likely to occur from human error and external factors. One thing that all customers want is for their purchased product to be delivered in good condition. White glove shipping services and inside delivery are two options that you can consider for your shipment. What’s the difference between the two shipping services? Continue reading to find out.

White-Glove Service

White-glove service is a service for shipments of specialty items or products needing particular care during shipping. This type of shipment commonly covers heavy or very fragile products that require handling with exceptional care to prevent the risk of damage during transit. These can include furniture, medical equipment, electronics, luxury goods, etc. In luxury industries, like hotels and retail, staff typically wear white gloves, which is the origin of the term “white glove.” White glove shipping services generally have trained staff qualified to perform safe installation of particular products.

Possible services offered may include:

  • Pre and post site inspections: Before the installation of the shipment, the site is inspected before and after for proper configuration, safety, and reliability.
  • Protective packaging: Since shipment generally requires a particular level of care, appropriate packaging with the right material is necessary to prevent damage to the product during shipping.
  • Appropriate transportation: Cargo protection is a must, and so, specific shipping containers, that are cleaned and inspected, are used to appropriately ship particular items.
  • Dismantling and product assembly: If necessary, qualified delivery personnel will transport the shipment to the delivery location, where the product will be assembled per the manufacturer’s guidelines. If replacing an old product, the team may move or remove and dismantle said item.

Benefits of White Glove Services

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The chance that your order will be damaged during transit is minimized because of proper packaging.

Shipments that need to be installed won’t be a problem for you to assemble because trained personnel will do that for the customer.

Fewer Product Returns

By offering professional dismantling and installation services as well as delivering products in appropriate packaging that limits damage and contamination, fewer product returns are likely.

Real-time Tracking

White glove service typically offers tracking for knowing where the shipment is during transit and if the shipment has arrived at its destination.

Inside Delivery

Inside delivery directly delivers the freight to the customer’s doorstep, whether the location is a residential home or a commercial building. The service is accessorial. Large-quantity shipping and products that are sensitive to the elements are ideal for inside delivery.

Possible services offered may include:

Residential Inside delivery: In residential areas, the carrier typically leaves the shipment only on the porch, driveway, or the garage, and cannot carry the shipment inside, to prevent damage and liability that could stem from an accident.

Commercial Inside Delivery: When doing inside delivery to a commercial location, the carrier is typically required to leave the shipment a couple of feet past the facility’s entrance, but the freight may need to be taken to a higher floor or carried further inside, which could incur added charges. The product will not be delivered inside if the entrance-way cannot accommodate the freight, and if unsafe for the carrier’s equipment, delivery won’t happen either.

Benefits of Inside Delivery

Enhanced Customer Retention

Inside delivery offers better customer retention because customer orders will be intact upon arrival and small additional services are appreciated. Solid customer service will help to keep customers coming back.

Before choosing between inside delivery and white glove delivery services, consider your shipping needs. Be sure to do your due diligence and check out previous customer reviews. Customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and safe arrival should be key factors in your decision making. To learn more about Xpressan Trucking & Courier, contact us today at (781) 836 – 4614.

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