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How Heavy Storms and Poor Weather Can Affect Delivery and Shipping

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Bad weather can cause all sorts of problems for businesses, especially those with shipping and delivery operations. When severe storms roll in, they can disrupt the entire process, from making the shipment to getting it to the customer. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how different types of bad weather can affect each step of the shipping process and what business owners can do to prepare for them.

What is the Supply Chain?

The supply chain is the process that gets products from the supplier to the customer. It includes everything from raw materials to manufacturing to transportation and logistics. Depending on the product, the supply chain can be very complex.

How Does the Supply Chain Affect Shipping & Delivery for Businesses?

The supply chain is a vital part of any business that ships or delivers products. It’s important to understand how the supply chain works so you can anticipate and plan for any disruptions.

There are four main steps in the shipping process: procurement, production, distribution, and delivery. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these steps can be affected by bad weather.


Procurement is the process of obtaining the raw materials or products that will be shipped. This can be done through manufacturing, purchasing from a wholesaler, or even growing the products yourself.

Bad weather can disrupt procurement in a few different ways. If you’re manufacturing products, bad weather can delay shipments of raw materials. This can cause production delays and disruptions further down the supply chain. If you purchase products from a wholesaler, bad weather can delay or even prevent deliveries. This can also cause production delays.


Production is the process of transforming raw materials into finished products. This can be done through manufacturing, assembly, or even packaging.

Heavy rainfall and flooding can cause production delays by preventing raw materials from being delivered on time. This can lead to shortages and disruptions further down the supply chain. Extreme heat can also cause production delays by slowing down assembly lines or causing machinery to break down.


Distribution is the process of getting finished products from the production facility to the customer. This can be done through shipping, trucking, or even hand delivery.

Bad weather can cause major disruptions to distribution. Heavy rains can delay or prevent shipments from getting to their destination on time. This can cause delays in delivery and disruptions to the customer’s schedule. Blizzards and snowstorms can also cause delays by preventing trucks from being able to reach their destination.


Delivery is the process of getting the product to the customer’s door. This can be done through shipping, trucking, or even hand delivery. When winds and rains are high, it can delay or prevent deliveries from being made on time. This can cause disruptions to the customer’s schedule and may even result in the product being damaged.

How to Prepare Shipments & Deliveries for Inclement Weather

There are a few things business owners can do to prepare for bad weather. First, try to build up a buffer of inventory so you can continue operations even if there are delays in procurement or production. Second, have a plan for how you’ll handle disruptions to the supply chain. This may include working with other businesses in your supply chain to find alternative routes or methods of delivery. Finally, be sure to communicate with your customers so they know what to expect in terms of delays.

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Businesses that rely on shipments and deliveries should be aware of how bad weather can affect their operations. By understanding the impact of inclement weather on the supply chain, business owners can be better prepared for disruptions. They can also work with their partners in the supply chain to find alternative routes or methods of delivery. And by communicating with their customers, they can let them know what to expect in terms of delays.

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