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How to Make Delivery Drivers Lives Easier This Holiday Season

With delivery drivers being a huge part of our lives these days, there are some ways to make their lives easier during the busiest time of year. COVID-19 has changed the importance of delivery services all across the country. Delivery drivers are some of the most critical essential workers, getting people what they need to survive. Now, with the Holidays approaching, people will be ordering gifts online rather than going to the store. How can we make the busiest season for delivery drivers a lot easier this year?

Leave Your Lights On

As the days get shorter, it’s important to turn your outside lights on as soon as it begins to get dark. This way, your delivery drivers will be able to see your steps, the driveways, and walkways. You don’t want them to trip and fall, and especially not when they’re holding your packages. 

Salt Your Driveway, Steps, and Walkway

When it starts to get icy, be sure to throw salt on any slippery area in front of your home. It’s another way to make the delivery drivers feel safer when bringing you your packages. They won’t have to worry about slipping on ice and hurting themselves. It can save you a lot of trouble!

Be Available

When you know a larger or more expensive package is coming that may require a signature, try to be home. Otherwise, the delivery driver will have to take the package back with them. If you can’t be available, make sure someone else at your house over 18 is so they can sign for you.

Pack Up Parcels

If you have a courier coming to pick up something from you for delivery, make sure it is all packed and ready for when they arrive. The last thing you want to do is stall them while you package it up. Have it labeled and ready to go, and consider leaving it outside your door so they can quickly grab it and get on their way.

Make Sure Your Address is Visible

When you have packages coming, make sure your home address is visible somewhere on your property. Whether it’s on your front door, mailbox, or even a rock in your yard, it will make the delivery driver’s life a lot easier. They won’t have to spend time wondering if they are bringing the package to the right address. This will also help avoid you having to ask around to see if your delivery was brought to a neighbor’s house instead.

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