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February 11, 2021
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Most Common Uses for White Glove Delivery Service

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Most Common Uses for White Glove Delivery Service

While big name delivery services might be okay for shipping across the country or internationally, there are certain situations where you simply won’t cut it and you need to hire a white glove delivery service. If these situations sound all too familiar to you, contact us for more information.


You Need Higher Security

Sometimes what you’re shipping is extremely valuable but doesn’t necessarily have a dollar amount, and all the insurance in the world might not necessarily solve your immediate problems. Because of the high volume of packages that go through their facilities, every so often some are lost or stolen. With a white glove delivery service this isn’t a concern, because the service is much more personalized you can rest assured that your delivery is receiving individual attention and isn’t just another stop on a route.


Legal Document Delivery

Legal documents are obviously extremely valuable, especially to receive in a timely manner. While the materials themselves are just paper and ink, the information they hold can be life changing. This includes court filings and document delivery to clients or opposing law firms. White glove delivery services are ideal for this type of package due to the high security and privacy concerns.


High Speed Same Day Delivery

Sometimes overnight delivery isn’t enough and a package needs to be delivered the same day. Through our advanced scheduling process and high degree of customer service, we can make this happen and make sure that your delivery gets to its destination before the end of the day. 


Better Communication

We’ve all been there. You’ve ordered or sent a package through a big name delivery company, they offer the usual tracking features but it simply isn’t enough information for a vessel this important. You aren’t getting regular updates and calling the company for more information will leave you on hold for ages and very rarely help you get the information you’re looking for. With a white glove delivery service, we are always available to you and can give you updated tracking information quickly and easily.


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