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For businesses across all industries in Randolph, MA, Xpressman Trucking & Courier offers professional and reliable services for various needs. No matter what you need, our team of experienced professionals is here to help. We make sure your products are shipped or stored safely and quickly so you can focus on the other parts of your business. Located directly in Randolph, we know the area and can provide a unique level of service to meet your business’s ever-changing needs.

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Local & Cross-Country Shipping & Courier Services for Randolph, MA Businesses

Specializing in B2B shipping, local or national, Xpressman has the capacity and expertise to handle all your shipping needs. We understand that timing is important for businesses, and we do our best to ensure you have what you need when needed. From same-day delivery to last-mile services, our shipping and courier options are tailored to fit your unique business needs.

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Scheduled Pick-Up & Deliveries with Online Client Portal

Stay on top of your delivery windows and get real-time updates with our online client portal. You can do everything from scheduling pickups and deliveries to tracking packages with our convenient online software. With our scheduled and routed services, you can be sure that your packages arrive where they need to be when they need to be there.

Same-Day B2B Commercial Shipping in Randolph, MA

As a business owner, last-minute requests and shipments can come up. Our same-day delivery service delivers your packages before the end of the day when you need them most. When time is of the essence, you can always count on Xpressman.

White-Glove Delivery Services for Randolph Businesses

You need the extra assurance that Xpressman provides for your most fragile and valuable packages. Our white-glove delivery service ensures your packages are treated with the utmost care and attention they deserve. With temperature-controlled vehicles and padded packaging, your items will arrive exactly as you sent them.

Secure Legal Documentation Delivery in Randolph, Massachusetts

Legal documents need special attention and care, so we provide a secure delivery service to make sure your documents arrive safely. We understand the importance of these packages and will take extra measures to ensure they are kept safe from tampering or damage. You can track your most confidential and important documents with anti-theft security measures and delivery confirmation.

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Asset Recovery for Business Downsizing & Profit Growth in Randolph, MA

Downsizing can be a difficult process, but Xpressman is here to help. Our asset recovery services include carefully disposing and transporting your items so that you don’t have to worry about them. We will handle all the logistics, from packing items for safe transport to storage, repurposing, or donation centers. On the other end, for businesses looking to expand to new markets, we are also available to help acquire additional inventory and efficiently transport it to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

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Randolph, MA Logistics Management Services for Budget & Employee Allocation

With so many tasks to manage, it can be difficult for businesses to find the right balance between budget and employee allocation. Xpressman’s experienced logistics team is here to help with various services, including order fulfillment, storage space assessment, transportation route optimization, and more. We have the experience necessary to assess your situation and develop a plan tailored to your needs so that you get the most out of your budget and resources.

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Warehousing & Distribution Services for Randolph, MA Businesses & Industries

For your short and long-term storage and distribution needs, Xpressman has the capabilities and expertise to store and move your products safely. Our warehouses are temperature-controlled, secure from theft or damage, and equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems. As your orders from your customers come in, our team can quickly and efficiently fill them and get them out the door to their final destination.

Warehouses Equipped with Temperature-Control & 24/7 Security

No matter what type of products you store in our warehouses, you can rest assured that they will be safe and secure from theft or damage. Our temperature-controlled storage units keep your items at the right temperatures while our 24/7 security systems monitor all activity to ensure everything remains untouched and safe from harm. With a barcode tagging system, we can easily locate any items and prepare them for delivery.

Pick-and-Pack Direct to Customer Distribution & Fulfillment Services

With our pick-and-pack fulfillment services, orders from your customers can be quickly filled and sent out the door. Pick-and-pack service helps reduce the lead times for your customers, ensuring they get their orders promptly. Our distribution centers are strategically located around the country, so you can easily ship your products anywhere in the US. We also provide customized packaging for fragile or sensitive items so that they arrive safely at their destination.

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