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November 22, 2016
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Six Tips for Driving Delivery Trucks Safely in Big Cities

Driving a truck in the city can be a nerve-racking task, especially for new drivers. Streets are narrow, parking is hard to find, and sometimes the drivers can be a little reckless. Trucks tend to get bullied on the roads since they are larger and tend to be slower than most motor vehicles. Below are six tips for when you are making deliveries in the city or just driving a truck in the city in general.

  1. Don’t Rush – There is a lot going on in big cities! With all the people walking around, the large number of cars and busy traffic areas, there is a good chance you could hit something! To solve this, drive slow and take your time with your delivery. If you have multiple deliveries one day make sure to leave extra early so you can make up for the time lost driving in the city.
  2. Spacing Is Everything – When driving in the city, always expect there to be traffic and a lot of sudden stops. Sadly, many drivers tend to make last minute decisions especially when they drive in the city. To avoid accidents and slowing your delivery schedule, make sure you space yourself from other cars. Keeping a good distance from your rig to the car in front of you can help avoid an accident in case there are sudden stops.
  3. GPS – Ever since the creation of GPS devices, they have helped everyone with a car get to a destination they are unfamiliar with. One of the great things about these devices, or apps, is that they can go into detail about your route. Google Earth gives a detailed view of the roads so that you can plan accordingly as well as giving you zooming features so you know exactly where the loading docks are at your destination.
  4. Be Observant – Many times, truck drivers will pull into their destination for the drop off but end up getting stuck in the process which can slow everything down. To avoid this, try to find a place to park your truck that is safe. It is always to be safe than sorry!
  5. Verification – Getting lost is something you definitely want to avoid when you are on a delivery schedule. To avoid getting lost or being late to a deliver because you were lost, verify the address with the customer.
  6. Breathe – You never know what could happen when you are out delivering. Traffic could pile up, an accident could happen (God forbid), or the weather can slow everything down. If anything happens, just remember to stay calm and call your client and boss to give them an update on everything that is going on.
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