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April 4, 2014
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May 20, 2014

The Benefits of Professional Medical Supply Delivery Service

800px-Winn_Army_Community_Hospital_Pharmacy_Stays_Online_During_Power_OutageWhether you are a doctor, patient, supplier, or lab, you need someone to deliver your medical supplies and samples from point A to point B. With the flexibility of the internet, millions of people are now ordering their medical supplies online. As a medical supplier, you need to be prepared to be making regularly scheduled shipments as well as immediate rush deliveries, on a daily basis. As a Biotech lab, you need samples and supplies shipped all over the Boston area and beyond, on time, 24/7. As a medical office or doctor, you need regularly routed deliveries to your patients at home.

Having a reliable delivery and courier service is critical for the medical industry. It is key to hire a delivery courier service you can trust. A medical supply delivers service picks up and delivers medical supplies, such as oxygen tanks, lab equipment, medical samples, and diabetes supplies. Every medical office, hospital, or lab needs access to on-time delivery including scheduled, routed, and rush delivery for the increased efficiency of their own facility as well as the health of their patients at home. At Xpressman Trucking and Courier, we understand your needs as a medical supplier and the benefits our services can offer you.

How a Medical Supply Delivery Service Can Improve Your Business

Saves You Money and Resources

Generally, it is not cost efficient for medical suppliers, medical offices, or labs to have their own drivers and delivery vehicles. It requires expensive resources that are not a practical investment, not to mention the costs of maintaining a vehicle (or a fleet of vehicles), hiring personnel and having the proper insurance etc. It added unnecessary financial and managing stress to your company.


Medical courier services deliver to patients’ homes, medical offices, labs, or hospitals. The delivery of medical supplies and samples can be extremely time sensitive. A good delivery company will assure patients, doctors, and medical facilities will get their supplies on time, every time, without a second thought. We offer routed and scheduled delivery as well as rush and same day delivery. We are capable of handling sensitive material, medical records, samples, and heavy equipment. We custom tailor our services to your needs.

Increase Efficiency of Your Facility

At Xpressman we offer the most reliable medical supply and biotech delivery and courier services available in Boston and all of Massachusetts. We offer delivery of medical equipment and supplies, including pharmaceutical products to medical facilities. Our drivers are out every day doing routed deliveries as well as rush and same day service. We work with hospitals and medical schools as well as individual supplies and medical offices. We will get the packages to and from the exact person or department, no matter the size of the facility

Keeps Your Patients Healthy and Happy at Home

We deliver straight to the patient’s home with medical supplies such as creams, bandages, diabetes supplies, and medication. We also deliver to private patients and facilities for specific home care items like wheelchairs and walkers. A reliable delivery service is crucial to the medical field, helping to keep patients healthy, and facilities running efficiently. A medical supply delivery company is a practical way for at-home patients to get their necessary supplies if they are unable to drive due to age or illness.

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