How to Optimize Storage and Distribution for Your Business
June 28, 2021
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Should I Use a Local Trucking Company?
September 28, 2021

Why You Should Use a Courier Service for Your Small Business

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While most small businesses don’t think they need a delivery service outside of the post office, there are several categories where a local courier service can provide better service than a big name postal delivery service such as FedEx or UPS.

Better Shipping Rates

While you might think that larger shipping companies can offer better rates, this isn’t always the case. For heavier packages and items, and specialty items, chances are you can get a better rate from a more local courier service. Many courier services specialize in large equipment or heavy machinery, but the lower costs can definitely apply to your average package sizes as well. One great thing about lower shipping costs is the ability to pass that savings onto your customers and undercut your competitors. Courier services also provide more flexibility than big name delivery companies. Rather than working on their time, courier services will work on your time. Smaller companies typically price based on distance rather than weight, so if you are shipping much heavier packages, but closer distances, knowing this can really help you save some money.

Faster Deliveries

While big name delivery companies are well known for their wide reach, they aren’t particularly known for their speedy delivery. Even when you pay extra for fast delivery, there’s only so much prioritization that a company of that size can give individual customers. On the other hand, localized courier services will work on your schedule and prioritize your delivery above all else. They offer pickup and delivery at all times of the day, night, and even holidays when needed. Larger shipping companies have a reputation for items getting lost in the shuffle as well, and many times their tracking systems can be less than ideal or accurate.

Scale Your Business

If your business is just starting out and you’ve only got a few shipments to send each day, then realistically you should be fine with the use of the postal service or a larger company. But as your business grows and you start to increase the volume of the shipments, you might want to find a shipping partner that can accommodate your needs. If you’re spending a lot of time packing and shipping each item, you might want to consider outsourcing your fulfillment. An all in one storage, inventory management and shipping service can go a long way with taking work off of your plate.

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