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4 Ways Customers Can Assist Courier Drivers During The Winter

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The winter season is one of the busiest seasons for couriers, especially in recent years with the rise of online shopping and Amazon purchases. With the holiday season in full effect, delivery drivers are always on the road to make sure everyone gets their gifts in time to wrap them up in time for the holidays. This season is a big reason why businesses look out for couriers with quick delivery services such as on-demand, same day, and scheduled deliveries. While these couriers are making these deliveries, they need to combat the conditions the winter season brings to the New England area. To help make their lives easier this winter, here are four ways you can assist them and make their time making deliveries easier.


4 Ways To Assist Couriers This Winter

Turn Up The Lights

Aside from the cold weather and snow, the other downside to winter is that it gets dark out earlier in the day rather than in the summer months. Because of this, couriers are usually making their deliveries in the dark so what better way to help them out when they get to your home is to provide them a way to see to get your package to your doorstep. If you have outside lights, make sure to have them on as soon as the sun starts to go down. Whether you have a single light post or small lights that light up your whole walkway, this will prevent drivers from fumbling around in the dark with your package.

Salt It Up

Drivers are already being wary of icy conditions on the roads while they drive, so make sure they don’t have to worry about that when they come to walk up to your doorstep. Make sure your walkway and stairs are free of snow and ice by shoveling and using ice melt salt to ensure a safe bath to your door. This will prevent any instances of drivers slipping and potentially dropping your package and damaging the contents inside.

Visible Numbers

To ensure your package gets delivered on time when you need it, the drivers need to be able to see which house number they are delivering too. They are already fighting the darkness and snowing conditions depending on when the deliveries are being made. To help them even more, make sure that your house numbers are able to be seen from the street. Remove any snow or bushes that could be in the way of the number and if you need to, make sure to purchase new numbers from a local hardware store that will be easily visible at night.

Apartment Etiquette

If you live in an apartment, when making a purchase, be sure to include in the delivery instructions the code number to get in a building as well as your apartment number. This will prevent them from searching the directory when they arrive which could put them behind on their deliveries. Doing this will also prevent the event the driver leaves the package on the apartment stoop where the package could get damaged by either the winter or possibly stolen.


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