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March 6, 2020

Things to Know About Courier Services

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Courier services are different than standard delivery services. Here are some differences and how courier services may be a better option for you to try.

Various Kinds of Courier Services

The various types of courier services depend on the sort of shipment and timeliness of delivery. Typical courier services have small and medium sized packages and are brought to the person or company that ordered it. It is the option that is least expensive, but it is also the slowest means of delivery. If you want a package to get to its destination quickly, use a same-day delivery services or overnight shipping.

Choosing a Pick-Up Date

Ordering from a typical courier service allows you to be able choose a pick-up date but it won’t allow you to choose a specific time. Courier drivers take routes that are already planned out, so it’s easier to know when you package will be delivered.

Packages That Are Suitable for Standard Service

Make sure you measure your designated item that is going to be shipped. Sometimes if it’s too big, the courier will not take it. There are plenty of big items that can be transported via standard service, so if your item is too large for a courier, there is always another option out there.

Some Items Can’t be Transported

There are forbidden items when it comes to deliveries. Most toxic items and chemicals are prohibited, so avoid placing those in any delivery boxes.

Packaging That Is Inappropriate

If you don’t package up your item correctly, there is a chance the courier service will not accept it. Make sure it is completely wrapped up and fits in whatever packaging your chose. If not, they could assume it will get damaged and either make you redo it or entirely not take it from you. Ask for someone else’s opinion if you are unsure of the quality of packing you tried to do.

Pay Attention to Details

Make sure when you place your order than the address is correct and there are as many drop off details as possible. This could be anything indicating you live at an apartment and have a drop off box, or anything of that nature.

No Rush

Plan ahead when using a courier service. There can always be delays such as holiday and busy times of the year. Don’t leave it til the last minute!

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