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6 Fall Driving Tips When Making Deliveries

Summer is sadly coming to an end and fall will be here faster than we are prepared for, and with this comes increased hazards when driving and making deliveries as a courier service. The fall is the start of the school season so that means an increase in traffic and children on the road, so you will want to be cautious when driving around school buses and residential areas. In addition, we see an increase in wildlife as some animals are leaving for warmer climates, others are preparing hibernation, and some animals appear more frequently in the fall. Use these seven driving tips to help you stay safe on the road this fall season as you prepare for fall deliveries.

  1. Don’t Brake On Leaves – New England is known for the foliage in autumn as well as some rainy weather. Wet leaves are almost as slippery as ice, so the same effect of slamming on your brakes on wet leaves is the same as if you are on the ice. It will end up in a bad situation and make driving more dangerous. While you are keeping your scheduled deliveries on track, be mindful of areas where there could be a lot of wet leaves of the ground.
  2. Avoid Sun Glare – As beautiful as sunrises and sets are, they are difficult to drive in due to sun glare. This is especially so if you are making a delivery during these times and you want your packages to not be harmed. Before you head out on your deliveries, make sure that you have a clean windshield free of any streaks and have a pair of sunglasses as back up.
  3. Use Caution During Rain – The fall brings a good amount of rain preparing us for the impending snowfall that winter brings. Knowing this, you will want to be cautious while driving in the rain and make sure that your truck is a good distance away from the car in front of you. This will prevent any accidents in the event that the person in front of you slams on the brakes. If you find yourself dealing with fog while driving, be sure to use fog lights or low beams when driving. Never use your high beams as the fog will reflect the light back into your face and make driving hazardous.
  4. Be Careful On Bridges – With the fall bringing cooler temperatures than the summer, the roads in the morning may be covered in frost. This frost can cause icy patches on bridges, overpasses, and in shaded areas and is something that you should take caution of if you are looking to have a successful and safe delivery experience. If you are driving in the morning be sure to slow down and drive with caution through areas where you suspect frost, so you do not find yourself sliding off the road.
  5. Adjust Your Eyes – Deliveries can be made at all hours of the day, and with the fall we tend to wake up in the same atmosphere as when we fall asleep; in darkness. Before heading out on your drive, be sure to take five minutes to adjust your eyes so there aren’t any obstructions while out on a delivery.
  6. Watch Out For Deer – As mentioned before, the fall season makes different animals appear more often, and this is the case with deer. This is because the fall is the beginning of deer breeding season and they are more active. Sadly, they tend to cross highways and can cause major accidents if they connect with a car. Whether you are on the highway or on a road near the woods, you will want to be on the lookout for deer crossing the road.

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