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Delivery Truck Winter Driving Tips for Snow & Ice

delivery truck van driving on a snowy road during the winter to safely drop off packages and mail to businesses and customers

Tips for Mail & Delivery Truck Drivers for Winter Weather, Snow, & Ice

As a delivery truck driver, you may be required to travel on roads during harsh winter weather conditions. During the Winter, snowfall and freezing temperatures can cause roads to become slippery and difficult for tires to grip onto. For large trucks and delivery vans that create more momentum, these conditions can be especially dangerous. By avoiding narrow roads, dropping speed in advance, and being more proactive than reactive, delivery drivers can stay safer on Winter roads during their routes. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best tips for delivery truck drivers when driving through snow and ice during the Winter.

Deliveries Don’t Always Stop for Winter Weather

While many businesses may adjust their hours or close altogether for severe winter weather, couriers and delivery drivers are still on the clock. If you are a business owner, getting your deliveries to their destination on time can be essential for your operations. National mailing services and commercial couriers are trained to be ready for any weather to stay on schedule and keep everyone on track. It is rare for mail to be delayed or canceled altogether due to winter weather unless the roads are unable to be cleared and there is no visibility for drivers.

Heavy Delivery Trucks & Vans Have a Heightened Risk for Slipping & Accidents

Due to their size and weight, large delivery vehicles such as trucks and vans are at higher risk for slipping and getting into an accident. To get them going, these vehicles require a large amount of momentum that makes it more difficult to come to a sudden stop. If there were to be a patch of black ice or an uncleared snowbank, a truck may not be able to slow down in time to avoid the obstacle. By following all precautions and staying prepared rather than waiting to react to an emergency, drivers can significantly reduce the chance of getting into a collision.

Top 4 Tips for Delivery & Mail Truck Drivers When Driving Through Snow & Ice

Check the Weather Forecast Several Days in Advance

By keeping an eye on the weather forecast, drivers can stay ahead of any potential winter storms and plan their routes accordingly. If possible, try to schedule deliveries for times when conditions are expected to be better. By planning ahead, drivers can avoid getting caught in a snowstorm or icy roads during their route.

Avoid Narrow & Steep Roads

Narrow and steep roads can be difficult to navigate even in ideal weather conditions, but they can be especially hazardous during the Winter. Winding turns are not easy to make in large, heavy vehicles, and it can be dangerous if there is black ice or snow on the roads. If possible, try to avoid these types of roads and adjust your route for wider, flatter routes.

Drive Slower & Leave More Distance Between Vehicles

One of the simplest yet most effective tips for Winter driving is to slow down and leave more distance between vehicles. As mentioned before, large trucks and vans require more momentum to get going and stop, so it is important to give them ample space on the road. By driving slower and leaving more distance, drivers can have more time to react if there were to be an obstacle on the road or a sudden change in weather conditions.

Carry Emergency Supplies & Stay Prepared for Any Situation

Staying prepared with a kit of emergency and medical supplies can be crucial for drivers during the Winter.  In case of an accident where you are stranded, lost, or hurt, having supplies on hand can make all the difference. Some essential items to have in an emergency kit include a first aid kit, blankets, water, and a flashlight.

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