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September 23, 2020
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Everything to Know About White Glove Delivery

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White glove delivery service is a superior method of delivery. Your package is carefully transported to your home, brought into your house, and unpacked for you. They may even put together the package if it’s furniture or needs assembly. You pretty much don’t need to lift a finger! The delivery person will also get rid of the packaging for you. White glove delivery is the perfect option for packages that are fragile and can break easily during transport. Here are some facts to know before your first white-glove order:

Price of White Glove Delivery in MA

You would think white glove delivery services are more expensive than standard shipping methods, but it is sometimes on the cheaper end. Though, there are some factors that can influence the price. If you live in a more populated area like a city rather than a rural town, the price will be better when it comes to location. Transportation costs of going out to the middle of nowhere tend to be higher. The specific delivery needs also influence the price. If you live seven stories up with no elevator or you have a long driveway, there can alter the price to be a little higher. The weight of the package is also a factor. A 50 lbs package is cheaper than a 200 lbs package. That’s just the way it is! And although white glove delivery is available on holidays and weekends, those days will be an upcharge.

How Do You Prepare For a White Glove Delivery?

Depending on what you expect from your delivery, there are some ways to prepare. If you have a lot of clutter going from your front door to whichever room you want their delivery, you should clear it out. That way, the delivery person will be able to bring in your package without tripping. If you are having something assembled, consider vacuuming or cleaning the area you want them to assemble it on. You don’t want your package to get dirty! If you have hardwood floors and don’t want them to get scratched, you should cover them with a drop cloth or a thin sheet. This can help avoid any damage to your floors when the delivery person is unpacking for you. 

Do you think white glove delivery is worth it? We sure do! If you want your fragile items or large items delivered safely, white-glove services are the ones for you!

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