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September 23, 2014
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October 30, 2014

How Can Biotech Companies Benefit from our Services?

The nature of the biotech industry requires that companies deliver products to those in need in a safe, quick, and reliable manner.

At Xpressman, we offer scheduled or STAT rush delivery to handle specific needs. Our areas of expertise include delivery of medical specimens, material supply and distribution, pharmaceuticals, lab samples and other critical life science items.

We are the experts in medical specimen delivery service. Our expert staff ensures that each specimen is handled with extreme care and delivered on time so that it is in proper testing condition. We are trained in specimen handling procedures.

We also offer time-critical delivery of biotechnology equipment, devices, and other products to a variety of leading biotech companies in the United States.

Our extensive infrastructure and vast coverage network make us the #1 logistics partner for many major biotech labs, who rely on us for timely and cost-effective delivery to hospitals and medical professionals.

biotech delivery in randolph ma

Xpressman is the #1 logistics partner for many major biotech labs

With mounting cost pressures and advancement in technology, we help companies effectively manage their supply chain by providing the solution that fits their needs.

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