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September 8, 2014
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What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery, also known as final mile delivery, is precisely what it sounds like — delivery for the final leg, often mile, of the supply chain.

The final mile of a delivery is often the least efficient and highest in cost and can be problematic from a logistical standpoint.

Also, delivering a large number of goods to an urban area can be challenging due to space constraints and traffic congestion. Safety of the courier and vehicle can also be an issue.

Last mile delivery couriers typically pick up goods at a transport hub or predetermined locations, and deliver them to their final destination.


Xpressman offers last mile delivery services

Xpressman offers last mile delivery services to customers looking to improve their supply chain logistics.

Our last mile delivery service is reliable,  on-time, and can help make the final leg of the journey as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.

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