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How Professional Couriers Utilize Advancing Technology

Using technology to track shipments and delivery with advanced software

The constant advancement of technology within various industries has been able to improve the speed and efficiency of our daily operations. Courier and delivery services have been able to thrive off of new technology that allows for delivery times to be slashed and the safety of drivers to increase. Before hiring a professional courier to help with your business’s shipments, it is important to make sure they offer the technology you are looking for. By taking advantage of new software, devices, and equipment your shipments are able to get to their destination quicker than ever before. To learn more about how the world of shipping and logistics is improving through these advancements, read on.

Innovative Technology Increases Reliability & Success

Hiring a courier service who takes advantage of upgraded and modern technology is key to maintaining client relationships and your overall success. Whether your business is based on shipping goods, or you have important documents that need to be delivered immediately, an expert courier can help by offering a variety of delivery services based on your custom needs. By utilizing advanced technology, such as GPS tracking, drones, upgraded trucks and vehicles, and inventory management software, the right courier can help with the productivity of your business. If you are able to provide your customers with accurate arrival times, live updates, and notifications of any unexpected delays, you can improve your client relationships through reliability and professionalism. When your customers know they can count on you, they are more likely to use your services again or recommend you to further potential customers.

Advanced GPS Tracking

By taking advantage of GPS tracking software, you are better equipped to solve any delays or challenges that come about during the delivery process. With improved technology, you are able to see real-time updates about the location of your packages, as well as where they have been and where they are going next. Expert couriers who use more advanced tracking are able to better communicate with you about your shipments, in turn allowing you to constantly update your customers or answer any questions they might have regarding arrival.

Delivery by Drone

The use of automated drones for delivery has become increasingly popular between mainstream and locally-operated courier companies. Not only do self-operating drones cut delivery times, but they also allow for minimal interaction between packages to reduce any damage or broken items. These machines are usually operated by a professional dispatcher and can travel by air, land, or water based on the quickest and most efficient route.

Trucks, Vans, & Upgraded Vehicles

Maintaining a high level of reliability for your customers will increase their brand loyalty and your overall reputation as a professional. When you are hiring a third-party service to assist you with your business’s shipping needs, you want to make sure that they are able to get your packages where you need them, when you need them there. By utilizing upgraded vehicles, such as commercial trucks and loading vans, couriers are able to speed up the time of delivery. Many business owners prefer to take advantage of white glove services or direct-delivery for their most time-sensitive and important shipments. For an additional cost, these options allow your packages to be directly routed from point A to point B without any point of interception. Courier services who are constantly improving their vehicles and additional technology can help you maintain your reputation for being on-time and trustworthy. Currently, there are even trials and case studies looking into the idea of self-automated trucks and cars that can decrease delivery times even more. At Xpressman, our trucks are equipped with top-quality lifting equipment to make it easier to load and unload your shipments.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Many businesses take advantage of warehouse space for their inventory management and distribution. Keeping track of your stock can be difficult to manage when you are running a business or have a product surplus. To make it easier to locate and quantify your inventory, advanced software has made it easier than ever before. If you are looking for an expert team to help manage and house your inventory, Xpressman offers storage and distribution services for short and long term solutions.

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