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Best Courier Services for Rush and Emergency Shipments

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When hiring a courier service to assist with the shipping for your business, it is essential that they offer express and emergency services. Running a business can lead to unexpected and spontaneous challenges that require immediate attention and solutions. In many cases, you may need to ship out a package, supplies, or equipment that needs to arrive as soon as possible. By utilizing rush courier services, you can guarantee that your package will arrive at its final destination at the exact time and location that fits your needs. Read on to learn more about each type of rush service and to find the best options for your business for now and in the future.

Direct Drive Delivery

Through Direct-Drive Delivery, packages are sent to their destination straight from their original location without any detour or interaction with other packages. The estimated arrival time is different  for each shipment and is dependent on the size, weight, and travel distance. By using only one form of transportation, this time is able to be significantly decreased when compared to more mainstream, bulk options. When choosing this option, you can guarantee the safety and arrival time of your most urgent packages by knowing they will be going directly from point A to point B. Direct Delivery is a great option for those looking for sending emergency, last-minute packages, or those containing sensitive, legal information.

Same-Day & Express Shipping

Running a business can sometimes mean spontaneous challenges that need immediate solutions. By choosing a courier who offers Same-Day Shipping, your package will be able to be picked up in the morning and delivered by the end of the day. This option is best for those who are looking for a last-minute solution or are sending crucial  If you are looking for other time-definite options, such as next-day, second day, or 3-5 day, Xpressman offers professional services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit our website for a full list of our same-day and rush delivery services.

On-Demand Shipping & Tracking

When running a business, it is important to keep relations with your customers positive through high reliability. When you are shipping time-sensitive and emergency shipments, it is important to choose a courier service that allows you to customize your delivery to meet your needs. On-Demand shipping gives you the option to plan each detail of the pickup and drop-off, guaranteeing the time and location for your package to be delivered. Xpressman also offers GPS tracking to allow our customers to follow along throughout the entire shipping process, gain updated location information, and be immediately alerted for any issues or delays.

White Glove Courier Service

For those looking to ship medical and lab equipment, electronics, home appliances and furniture, or other items that require an extra level of attention, the best option for delivery is White Glove Service. The term “white glove” refers to the method of customized shipping for packages that need more attention than standard parcels because of their size, value, or fragility. Many businesses favor this shipping method due to the additional services offered, such as same-day delivery, custom packing, high security and surveillance level, and the ability to choose the exact time and place your delivery will be made. For more information on white glove delivery service and how it can best benefit your business, read our blog.

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