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How to Pack Liquids for Shipping

packaging bottles with perfume liquid in them to ship safely with safe tips for packaging and shipments

Shipping liquids can be a difficult task. Alcohol, beverages, and perfumes are some of the most popular items bought and shipped across the country. Naturally, there are different rules and restrictions governing the shipping of most liquids. Most liquids can be shipped easily enough domestically, as they are not considered dangerous for most carriers. However, flammable liquids and controlled substances are prohibited. When shipping internationally, it is even more daunting to move liquids. Most companies do not ship liquids like gasoline and perfumes containing alcohol. With the right packaging and techniques, it is possible to ensure your package arrives at its destination unscathed.

Consult Your Professional Mail Courier

A crucial first step is to check with your mail courier to understand their shipping policies. What liquids do they ship? Is there an additional charge for specific liquids? Regulations may differ from one carrier to another, so find one that works best for you and which allows you the most leeway.

Consider the Type of Liquids You are Shipping

You must also ask yourself what liquid you’re looking to ship. This is standard for most carriers: corrosive or flammable liquids are prohibited and cannot be shipped via mail. Liquids that can spill may be shipped but in limited quantities, like paint and rubbing alcohol.


When packaging liquids, there is more to consider beyond ensuring the package is secure. One needs to understand what they are packing and what its intended use is. Some of the questions you must ask yourself include:

  • Is the liquid intended for human consumption (juices, beverages)?
  • Is it in breakable containers?
  • Is the liquid temperature sensitive?
  • Are you shipping very large quantities?
  • Is the liquid a danger to the shipper (corrosive, flammable, poisonous, explosive)?

Tips for Packing Liquids for Shipment

Surround Your Container With Plenty of Cushioning

Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or shredded paper are your allies, ensuring minimal movement and maximum shock absorption.

Box It Up

Choose a sturdy cardboard box slightly larger than your padded container. Fill any remaining space with more cushioning to prevent the container from shifting during its journey. Securely seal the box with packing tape, reinforcing the seams and bottom flaps. Don’t be stingy with the tape – remember, your goal is to create a fortress.

How to Choose the Right Container to Ship Liquids

Embrace Plastic

Opt for sturdy, watertight plastic containers like bottles, jugs, or drums. Avoid glass at all costs – one bump and your package is ruined.

Size Matters

Choose containers that leave ample space at the top to accommodate liquid expansion during transit. Remember, altitude changes can play tricks on even the most well-behaved fluids.

Double Down on Security

Double-check container lids for secure closures. Consider adding an extra layer of protection with leakproof tape or shrink wrap.

Fully Inspect the Container for Any Cracks Before Adding Liquids

Before packing, inspect your containers for any signs of wear or tear. Even the smallest crack can become a gateway to an unfortunate spill.

Labeling Tips

Clearly Write of Items are Fragile or Need Specific Placement

Mark your package clearly as containing liquids on all sides. Highlight “Fragile” and “This Side Up” to guide the handlers.

Make Recipient & Return Address Easy to Find

Include the recipient’s address and return address prominently on the box, along with any necessary shipping labels or documentation. Then double-check to ensure accuracy.

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