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Is It Cheaper to Ship in Bulk?

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Save Time & Money by Bulk Shipping B2B Packages Over Drop-Shipping

Having an effective shipping system to distributors, partners, franchise locations, sales representatives, and other B2B recipients is crucial to the success of businesses of all sizes and industries. With so many packages coming in and out, this can quickly become time-consuming and expensive. To manage the shipping process efficiently, many businesses have turned to bulk shipping as an alternative to drop shipping. Rather than processing shipments as soon as requests come in, as with dropping, bulk shipping involves bundling orders and sending them in larger quantities. In this blog, we will discuss how this can help save your business both time and money in the long term.

How Many Packages In a Bulk Shipment?

Bulk shipping refers to sending out a large amount of packages at once. This can include anywhere from a dozen to a few hundred or more. Depending on the mail or professional courier service you are using, there may be specific size and weight limitations for bulk shipments. It’s important to check with your providing partner beforehand to ensure that your packages can be sent in bulk.

Shipping in Bulk Can Reduce Time & Labor Needed

Processing individual packages as they come in can quickly become time-consuming. Having to stop what you are doing to get a shipment ready is an interruption to your workflow. Bulk shipping allows you to process and package several orders at once, saving time and labor. Instead of having multiple shipments throughout the day, you can schedule one bulk shipment to go out at the end of each day or week. This not only expedites your shipping process but also allows your staff to make time for other important tasks.

Bulk Shipping Can Save You Money in Shipping Costs

Shipping, especially large and heavy items, can become very expensive. By sending them out in bulk, you can save money on shipping costs. You are able to combine multiple packages into one shipment, which can result in more efficient packing materials, less overall weight, and fewer total boxes. These cost savings can add up over time, especially for businesses where shipping is a routine part of their operations.

Minimize Errors

Another advantage of bulk shipping is that it can help minimize errors. When processing and shipping multiple individual packages, there is a higher likelihood of mistakes being made. This could lead to incorrect orders being sent out or important shipping information being missed. By bundling and sending packages together, there is less room for error since the orders are processed at once.

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