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July 28, 2016
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November 22, 2016

Leadership That Shines

woman holding heels hanging on a truckOur president, Michelle Cully, was featured in an article in the Boston Globe. It outlines her passion to achieve greatness and succeed. By starting off at a young age, she soon learned that with a hard work ethic she can get anything done. When starting the business in her parent’s laundry room, she knew the keys to success.

“Every day I would go dressed in a suit and heels,” she said. “My heels would ‘click, click, click’ across the living room floor and I remember my father yelling at me, asking why I was dressed like that if I was only going to the laundry room. I was carrying a briefcase that was empty. But I was going to my office and I was going to work.”

Picking the courier and delivery industry as the path she wanted to embark on was a risky, as it was a male-dominated industry. Beating the odds,

“Setting her “office” phone to forward calls to her pager, Cully made deliveries all day and stopped at pay phones to return calls. “I knew the location of every pay phone on the South Shore,” she said, laughing.”

she worked her way up to the top and is now the president of multi-million dollar success story.

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