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June 25, 2014
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Different Types of Delivery Services & How to Choose

What Type of Delivery Service Do I Need?

When someone thinks of shipping or delivery, they often think of the big chains, FedEx, UPS etc. The truth is that here are many different types of delivery companies and services out there, including local companies that will get the job done better and more efficiently.

The only way to get the best service available is to understand the differences between the different types of services that you need so you know what to ask for. As a comprehensive 3rd party logistics company, Xpressman offers complete shipping and courier service for whatever your business requires.

Freight deliveries

If you have extra heavy or over-sized deliveries in large quantities, you are looking at a freight delivery. Building supplies, tires, lumber, trees, pallets – these are all things best suited for a freight delivery.  When freight is delivered it is often moved on pallets for convenience. When the truck arrives, the destination will need a pallet jack to handle the arrival.

Special Deliveries

Specialty deliveries are for odd things like flowers or delivering private legal documents or any kind of hazardous material – things that are important, sensitive or don’t fit in a box.  For this, you want to choose a specialized delivery service that can handle delivering flowers, or print jobs, booklets, or what have you. At Xpressman our delivery services can handle specialized deliveries including antiques and artwork.

Routed & Scheduled Delivery

Routed delivery is ideal for regularly scheduled, repeating deliveries for products like at-home medical supplies or distribution. Xpressman is a preferred logistics company for routed & scheduled delivery in Boston.


Most courier services operate within city limits. Courier service is for fast, same day delivery for any size parcel or package. Xpressman offers courier services in Boston, Randolph, Norfolk, and beyond. For questions about availability, contact our main office. Couriers are different from other mail services because they are faster and more secure. They offer more options such as tracking, signatures, specialization, and individualization of services, and committed delivery times.

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