Tips for Driving in the Summer
April 25, 2016
Summer Delivery Tips
July 28, 2016

Maintenance Tips For Trucks This Summer

Every season before you go out on your scheduled routes, make sure that everything in your truck is up to par. This will ensure that you will be safe making new deliveries in the new driving conditions. The summer may have better driving conditions than the winter, but it can still be dangerous if your vehicle is not running properly. Here are some maintenance tips for the summer to make sure you are 100% safe.

  • Cooling System – Summer means heat, so you want to make sure all cooling systems are in order. Make sure that the antifreeze concentration levels are proper. If the antifreeze-to-water ratio is off, then the cooling system will not function properly in the warmth. In addition, inspect radiator mounts, fan shrouds, and fan clutch.
  • Tires – The summer can have different effects on tires with heat. Heat makes the rubber in tires break down faster, so checking tire tread depth is important. In addition, heat can have negative effects on tire pressure. If a tire is over or under inflated, heat can cause the tires to blow out. Monitoring tire pressure throughout the summer will prevent blowouts and ensure a successful delivery.
  • Air Conditioner – Over the years and different weather conditions, air conditioners can get wear and tear on them. Make sure to look for any leaks, condenser blockage, clogs in filters, hoses and more. Having a dysfunctional A/C unit in your truck during the summer is a recipe for disaster, and abandonment of a truck.
  • Battery –  During the summer, heat can corrode a battery’s conducting grid in addition to creating battery sulfation. The warm climate during the summer can increase corrosion of batteries and if not treated the corrosion can lead to lower voltage from the battery. Make sure to check the battery every so often and brush off corrosion when necessary.

Following these steps will lead to a safer drive during the summer and make your truck last much longer for future deliveries. Contact us for all delivery and courier needs!

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