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March 24, 2016
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May 31, 2016

Tips for Driving in the Summer

man on road and sun shiningSpring is here and summer is around the corner! Making driving conditions for truckers nearly perfect, having to not worry about bad weather hindering their travels. The summer season can be great for drivers but there are still dangers that could occur during the summer. To make sure you have the safest delivery possible, here are some safety tips for driving in the summer.

  • Sun Protection – Although you may be inside of your truck, sun will still get to you through the windows. Many drivers know of “Trucker’s Arm”that you get on your left arm from sun coming in on the drivers side. Just like all sun exposure, a lot of sun can be bad for you
  • Keep a Sharp Eye – During the summer months there are more cars on the road, due to summer vacation, work vacations and the nice weather. It is important for truck drivers to be on the look out for other drivers. Trucks have a lot of blind spots due to their large size, so keeping an eye on other drivers is a smart practice to ensure your own safety. In addition, the summer season is a time where motorcycles are everywhere. Due to their size they are extremely hard to see as well as keep an eye on since they go in between traffic. Being mindful of everyone else on the road is good driving ethics that is beneficial to all drivers.
  • Check Your Tires – Tires tend to blowout during the summer due to the extreme heat. Be sure that your tires are inflated correctly before going out on a delivery.
  • Brake Check – During the summer, brakes tend to lose traction and fade due to the hot temperatures. This is because the components of the brake can’t absorb anymore heat since the climate is already hot. Occasionally check the brakes before and after deliveries to ensure total safety.

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