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January 11, 2016
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Stay Alert For Overnight Drives

While driving itself can have its fair share of moments to keep you in the zone, staying awake while behind the wheel is an issue many drivers deal with. This being more of an issue when a driver has a  deadline and needs to drive overnight. Naturally, the body wants to rest during the night so fighting this feeling is a challenge. Here are some great ways to make sure that an overnight drive is successful.

  • Nap: Before any long trip, especially at night, make sure to take a quick power nap before you embark on the drive. Although they are short, under an hour, power naps have proven to give the body the rest it needs to feel energized and alert.
  • Food & Drink: While on your drive, make sure you are eating and drinking to stay hydrated and full of energy. Bring healthy snacks that will not cause drowsiness like greasy foods tend to cause. Drinking coffee or energy drinks is a great way to stay alert, however, be mindful of the intake. Just like with food, make sure you do not consume everything at once. Think about Thanksgiving and how after you consume all that food, you are on the couch dead asleep within minutes. Consuming food and drink in moderation keeps you alert and active throughout the drive.
  • Cold Air: Our bodies feel natural comfort in warmer climates which is why we sleep best at comfortable temperatures. To prevent this, try opening the window to let the air in while you drive. The natural air coming at your face, especially if cold, will be a great wake up call. If not the window, try lowering the temperature of the cab just slightly so the body feels the cooler change. This will keep your mind and body awake and alert.
  • Jam Out:  Playing music in the car is automatic for most drivers, not only does it accompany you, it causes your mind to work. Listening and dancing to the music keeps you active and awake. Even singing along while listening to your favorite hits will work. All of these methods will make the drive fun and keep you awake.
  • Stretch: Make sure you stretch from time to time in order to keep your body parts from cramping up and keeping them alert. Why do you think we stretch first thing in the morning? It tells the body to wake up let’s go! If you have to, pull over to the side of the road to stretch. Take a minute to walk it out and stretch to keep the senses alert. Nothing is wrong with taking a small break on the trip, especially to assure safety.

Your safety is the number one concern and most important factor of any delivery. If you are having trouble staying awake behind the wheel, follow these tips to make sure you are alert. They are a great way to secure a successful delivery that will make you and the client happy. Drive safe!

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