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February 4, 2016
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How Real Time Helps With Logistics Management

Logistics management is an integral part of running a successful business as it frees up other parts of your company that may need more attention. Having a third party take care of daily operations is a great way to stay organized. With logistics management, there have been breakthroughs in technology evolution to make sure communication is at 100%. This not only helps keep track of everything but adds on to the organization factor. As mobile technology is on the rise, logistics management has hopped on this trend.

There are systems in place to give you real-time statistics of your operations right to your mobile device. One of these systems is called Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and it is designed to help plan, track and evaluate actual performance. In addition, it increases the productivity of technology and human resources. Some elements MRM has that is beneficial to any logistics management are:

  • Route Planning – When a new order is received, users can build shipment schedules and plan routes that can be shown in real time. This can better optimize operation efficiency, profitability, and performance.
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)- Sending reports of big events that affect distribution. In addition to sending real-time information to see the supply chain as well as managing and maintaining service levels
  • Wireless Apps – Integrating wireless solutions allows field-level information to be tied directly into the logistics support, AVL, and functions. Having real-time logistics in the palm of your hand makes efficiency with the operations increase.
  • Federated Networks – An MRM that gives access to global networks of logistics organizations can speed up the value of the operation. This happens because the collaboration is between the supply chain, market encompassing, and any logistics related process made seamless with a successful MRM.

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