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September 20, 2017
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The Convenience of Using an On-Demand Courier Service

When it comes to the courier industry, there are many different types of services a company can provide to fit different needs. On-demand couriers are a great option to look into as they have a number of benefits when it comes to their services. In addition, being a local courier also gives you the freedom to have tasks done to your specifications rather than following guidelines of big name carriers. Here are some benefits, local courier firms offer to their customers.

Day-Of and Pre-Scheduled Delivery

There will be times when you will need a delivery at moments notice. To alleviate the pressure of finding a service for this time sensitive task, use a flexible courier service to handle all of your packages. If you do know about a delivery, you can use a local courier to to also pre-schedule your orders so you can get them out of the way and continue with your next set of tasks.

After Hours and Weekend Service

Ideal couriers are ones that are available as much as possible, that even means on weekends and holidays. Delivery requests can happen out side of normal businesses hours, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t meet this need. A prime example is that of a business in the food industry that needs deliveries overnight and on the weekends. By having a courier available during these times, all delivery requests will be made on time.

Real Time Tracking, ETAs, and Confirmations

The worst feeling is wondering if the package you had set out to be delivered ever made it to the destination on time or at all. Professional couriers offer live map tracking, or tracking codes, to allow you to follow your delivery from start to finish. While at the same time knowing what time and day that delivery will be made to its intended destination. Other technologies couriers can implement, that Xpressman has, is sending confirmations when a package is delivered. This will allow you to get a notification that your package was received so you do not have to call the courier wondering when or if a delivery was made.

Online and Mobile Ordering

It is 2017, and everyone is either online or using their smartphones to make purchases, set alarms, and almost anything they want. The big one being online purchases and ordering and it should be an option for local couriers as well. This gives a user the comfort that they can access your services any time and any place, as well as providing convenience which is a characteristic that everyone appreciates.

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