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June 15, 2014
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What is a White Glove Delivery Service?

What does it mean to get ‘White Glove Delivery’?

White Glove Delivery ensures the safe transport of your most sensitive shipments. Whether your item is fragile, heavy, or over-sized, white glove delivery is the top-notch service that will guarantee safe delivery and shipment. These services include specially trained drivers and the special equipment required for safe transport. At Xpressman this includes a full range of temperature control and security offerings for your delivery.

For large items like antiques, furniture, appliances, or artwork white glove delivery has the option of unloading and unpacking the item in the room of your choice. White glove delivery can be for smaller items too. Usually, items that are sensitive or fragile that require specialized handling. Discuss your specific needs with the Xpressman team to get exactly the service that you need. Our office will help you schedule a time for your delivery to arrive and they will help you determine your shipping requirements.

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