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November 30, 2021
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Why Warehousing is the Best Way to Store Your Inventory

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Warehousing is a great resource to have at your disposal for help with managing the inventory of your business. There are truly numerous benefits to this service– keep reading to learn them all!

Prevent Damage & Protection from The Elements

Depending on where your inventory is currently located, it may not be fully protected from all the elements, or it may be in a situation that makes possible damage more likely. Robust warehousing & storage is not only the most cost effective way to store your inventory, but also the safest. Our warehouses are temperature controlled, so they will be fully protected from inclement weather or intense heat.

Fully Insured

Trusting an external company with your valuable inventory can be tricky, but you can rest assured knowing that everything we take off your hands is fully insured and protected from any potential damage. Beyond that, because of the top notch safety practices we put in place, and the years of experience we have handling inventory of all kinds, both fragile and delicate, damage is rare at best. Because we insure your inventory, you can save money on your own insurance costs.

Integration with Distribution

There’s nothing better than a seamless integration with your storage, inventory management and shipping. When these three functions are acting as one, it’s a winning combination because it takes hours of logistics work and effort off of your hands. Not only does this save you money, but in reality it frees you up to focus on other things like growing your business, which is the real key to success and long term growth.

Save Space & Time

The space you would use at your own facility to store your inventory can realistically be used for other, more important things. Otherwise you can easily downsize to a smaller space once you hire someone else to manage your inventory which will bring down your monthly costs significantly. You also won’t have to hire as many people and keep them on your pay roll which can also be a big expense that adds up.

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