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Things to Know About Courier Services
January 30, 2020
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History of the Courier Industry
April 21, 2020

Understanding the Functionality of Courier Services

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Courier services are one of the oldest industries. Almost every professional uses them. They may be doctors, lawyers, or a businessperson. Since the rise of online shopping, courier services have started doing exceptionally well. 

Many people still do not know that courier and mailing services are very different from one another. Mailing services are slower, less secure, and you cannot track your order through mailing service.


Courier services are better than mailing services because they have advanced technology. On the other hand, mailing services work traditionally without technology.

When you talk about courier services, they have many exciting features. For that reason, most businesses prefer delivering through courier services rather than mail. The courier service will allow the company to track the delivery that ensures that the delivery is in safe hands.

Most businesspersons’ say, courier services deliver faster and are more secure. The courier services are more specialized, and they work on the term of individualization, which is more professional. It has become a superior express service.

If you are lucky, your local mailing service might provide you with optional service of swift mailing, while the courier will be providing the same services already. Since they provide you with all the attractive features, they also change more than traditional mailing. However, the courier is usually limited to sending packages rather than sending both letters and parcels.

Courier Companies

The courier services have all kinds of services you can send a package from city to city, between regions, domestically, and internationally. The larger courier companies used a model called a hub and spoke model. All the big companies use courier software. The software lets you get proof of delivery instantly and provide them with electronic tracking. There are few large courier companies, which you will find all over the world such as:

  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • Aramex
  • DTDC
  • Postaplus
  • EMS International

Final Feedback

In current times, most businesses and online stores use courier services. The courier service will deliver your package faster. They will also provide you with electronic tracking, so you know the status of your parcel.

The courier company will provide you with premium service, but they will also ask for more money. When you compare mailing prices with courier service, they will charge twice as much. If you do not need to send your package fast, in that case, mailing service also works well.

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