June 25, 2014

What is a White Glove Delivery Service?

What does it mean to get ‘White Glove Delivery’? White Glove Delivery ensures the safe transport of your most sensitive shipments. Whether your item is fragile, […]
June 15, 2014

The Benefit of Local Delivery Services for Medical Suppliers

At Xpressman we know how important your packages and parcels are. Whatever your cargo, it requires specific care and handling. We are proud to offer specialized […]
June 4, 2014

How to Prevent Damage During Shipment

Is Your Package Considered ‘Fragile’? Somethings we all know are fragile – fine china, a flat screen TV, glassware, computers etc. When we ship them, they get labeled […]
May 20, 2014

Warehousing & Storage in New England

Things to Consider When Choosing a Warehouse Your business needs storage and warehousing, there is a lot riding on your decision. Not having adequate warehousing and […]
April 7, 2014

The Benefits of Professional Medical Supply Delivery Service

Whether you are a doctor, patient, supplier, or lab, you need someone to deliver your medical supplies and samples from point A to point B. With […]
April 4, 2014

Things to Consider When Choosing a Delivery Service

How to Choose a Delivery and Courier Service  When it comes to choosing a delivery company, you are literally putting your trust in the hands of […]
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